Monday, June 10, 2013

To keep or not to keep....that IS the question.. I swear I'm not a hoarder...

Have you ever had an event happen in your home and it ends up tail spinning into about 100 "new" projects for your self??
That kinda happen to us. The hubby was off work and home working on washing clothes ( have I told you how amazing is he?) and working on some stuff around the house( I was at work). He went to change some clothes over to the dryer and ended up walking in to a room full of WATER.....yup about 10 gallons of water all over the floor. LONG STORY SHORT ...the poor hubby had to dig a 7foot tunnel under the house and he and my brother in law  had to change and rework water pipes under our house.(5 hours of digging for 10min of pipe work)
Well with all this going on it made me to really look around my back yard and wonder "How did I get all this junk back here?" my nice big back porch had turned in to a catch all of some very random things... So wile the Hubby worked on filling the big tunnel back in with mud Addison and I got to work
I cant believe the amount of random "stuff" was out side but its ALL gone now!

I'd say we are READY for a summer BBQ now!
and all the cleaning brought out the craft side in the hubby..We have this old frig out side..The hubby likes to call it "rust bucket" but it works great. He didn't like the fact the back yard was all clean and nice but  ole Rusty was still there sooo
The hubby painted it!! I think he did a good job and it look soooooooooooOOOO much better then "rust bucket"
 Now the back yard is DONE!...Then I walk in side...and look around.... O BOY!! so for a little bit each day I have been doing some "spring" Summer cleaning.. We have a small home so it doesn't take much to fill it up and with a toddler here we fill up fast... I was able to throw away so much and even had enough for a yard sale ( that will be this weekend).. I'm hoping that all this hard work pays off but for now its hard to tell with all this yard sale stuff sitting out.  It feels soo nice to get rid of things.. It really feels like a nice fresh start..and PERFECT timing for the summer time....But can you believe all this started just because of a pipe leak a week ago???  Kinda wondering what project will get started after this yard sale this weekend ... I'm on a RRROOOLLLL