Thursday, May 30, 2013

...not sure where I'm going with this

Well... HERE I AM!! =) I have been bouncing around the idea for a few months now to start "blogging" (If thats even what its called these days). I wasnt to sure were to start. I have never been a person to keep a journal and even at times when things get too crazy just keeping up my list of "to-dos" is hard enough... I have sticky-notes for my sticky notes =).. BUT ANY WAYS!!! Here it is my 1st blog post...
let me introduce my self... My name is Candace, I thank the good LORD every day for every thing he has put in my path in this crazy thing called life. I am married to the most amazing man in the world. My Firefigher <3. We have a almost  18 year old  3 year old little girl  named Addison who is the best little girl but BOOOOOYY is she strong willed and sassy (no clue were that came from ) ..My goal for the blogg site is to share my thoughts / my crazy DIY projects/ product reviews/ and last but not lest the day in the life of  Addy Fay.. Enjoy and hold on for the ride.