Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm a Christian and I ramble

I haven't used this in a very long time.. when I started this blog page I had every thought in the world that I could do this daily or maybe even weekly. .but as you can see life has happened and this blog hasn't gotten very far. Even from the start I didn't really know the direction I wanted to take ...did I just wanted to talk about "Addy" ?? did I want to post all the random craft project I do from time to time??  did I want to use this as a tool to meet other firefighter wives around the U.S .. Did I just want to write about what ever was on my mind at the moment?? like I have said before I am not one to have a journal and as much as I post on Facebook at times most people don't have a clue about my day to day life...NOW with that being said my day to day life isn't bad  I just don't want to put people on social media blast because we had a bad day  .. some events of life are just better left unsaid..  With all the rambling being said I guess its time to dive in to WHY I am blogging tonight.
I am a Christian ... yes a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.. I'm not perfect.. I don't listen and I'm hard headed.. up until the last couple years I wasn't what you would call a " screaming from the mountain tops " Christian .. not to say I am today but I am a lot more open about what I believe. I guess I was to scared to be judged or fear of rejection.. unfortunately no matter your belief some one out there will judge you and of all things. If I am being judged for being Christian then so be it...Now what most people that are reading this don't know is I am a P.K. Yea "preachers kid" my dad went in to the ministry  at the very end of my 10th grade year( no I am not or ever have been the "wild preachers kid" or the over sheltered preachers kid  but thanks for asking =) ) I grew up in church, youth group, church camp.. you name it I did it.. Now that I am older and have my own family/life I have some many ideas running threw my head of messages I think people (including my self ) need to hear.. do I want to be like my dad no.. but as a Christian you are in your own way spreading the word and planting a seed with people that you meet alone the way.. I have sat in the back long enough and its really time that I get the pen to paper and start getting these messages out.. I am hoping that this strengthens my relationship with God and who knows .. changes  a life

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